Death and Density
October 7, 2010

Well, life is painful, yeah. The first sentence of this book is “People suffer.” There is a base level of pain: for example, knowing you’re going to die. So yes, life includes a big chunk of pain, and it includes a big chunk of living. But if you’re not willing to have the pain, you’re not going to get the living.
Steven Hayes – Getting Over Happiness at

If death wasn’t an inevitability we would live our lives in a very different way. Time would become meaningless and significant of nothing. Imagine death is the cork on a champagne bottle; remove it and the ‘life’ of the drink will escape and become flat. Nobody likes flat champagne. Death is the cork on our lives that creates pressure and pressure creates density and substance.

Without death our lives would seem weightless and our efforts insignificant. A time limit prevents our life from becoming an endless string of moments that meander, untethered towards uncertainty. To be aware of our corporeal limit and the certainty of death gives us impetus to achieve, experience, evolve and enlighten. No one wants to die. No one wants to die unsatisfied. Nobody likes flat champagne.