Collective consciousness.

Much of the time when we need to know something, instead of trying to recall it from our memory, we simply search for it online. As search engines improve, they become more and more perfect at locating exactly what we want to remember. The basis of these search engines’ usefulness is the large quantities of information we share with them about ourselves. What is unique about this type of memory is that we are no longer storing it in our brains, where it is inaccessible and irretrievable after we are gone. Instead we are collectively storing it in a public space. Where you once had to write a book or erect a building to leave your mark on the world, all you need now is an email address.

Zach Gage –

Zach Gage talks about Google becoming a ‘living’ memory, like a brain we all share. Online search programmes evolve with use and become more efficient at locating information. The more we use them, the more they learn about us, the better they become at interpreting our input. Perhaps the online world is transforming our external, collective consciousness into a physical reality, an almost tangible, quantifiable form. Twitter feels like a plug into this external consciousness. Millions of people all over the world talking randomly and surprisingly truthfully. It feels alive. Zach talks about us not having to use our own recall abilities anymore because we can use a search engine to think for us, to recall for us.

By freeing up our brains from having to retain the bombardment of data we are receiving each day, we can learn to overcome the over-stimulation of constant media exposure. We can find a way to evolve alongside our current state of information overload. Breathing life into the digital world could be the key to harnessing our mental evolution. To achieve a true globalisation. Not of the finances, not of society but of the mind.

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Externalism on Wikipedia
The Global Consciousness Project


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