Uncertainty and Hope; the pain and the pleasure

No matter how bad the answer is, uncertainty is always worse.

Uncertainty where hope is like an unwanted child.

A cruel compulsion that delivers us unwillingly from resignation and acceptance.


Uncertainty can also bring joy.

Tennessee Williams said that ‘Security is a kind of death‘.

Security is something we strive for. Success is desired by all.

But the security of marriage, mortgage, success or any other permanence is like an ending.

Where assurance is the destroyer of hope. Hope for potential unreached, change and the pleasure uncertainty can bring.

Failure, though not something we seek, brings with it an uncertainty like no other.

Where the bitterness of loss, loneliness or poverty is exquisitely laced with hope. Fantasies of what could be and secret anticipations of the future.

Where our dreams may be wildly improbable and yet they bring the sweetness of possibility to the sting of our perceived failures.


One Response

  1. Very lovely and provocative. I sometimes think that failure brings in itself a kind of safety or security, and success (which you never really get) brings uncertainty, at least it’s always there, the possibility that failure might be around the corner. Whereas failure in itself, the act of failing, is actually kind of a relief. So it didn’t work out, at least “it” happened, “it” is over. But when you’re successful, you never know when “it” will happen.

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