How the space on the kitchen table is directly related to the instinct of survival.

A kitchen table, a bench top. A house.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s a space you use, you put things on or in.

Imagine it is a kitchen table. Always full of clutter. Bags, pens, left overs, magazines, coffee cups and food stains.

Always full of clutter.

It’s not your fault, it’s just the way it is.  It’s your humanity and you can’t change it.

So you get a bigger table, ‘if I get a bigger table, then I will have more space, more room to move.’

However, it doesn’t work out this way. It just becomes cluttered with more things. You have more room so you use it up.

Like a house, you buy a bigger house and you simply fill it up. It’s not a criticism, just a fact.

Or your mortgage. You can borrow X amount, but you would be more comfortable only borrowing Y amount. But you still borrow X amount.


Because you can.

And you will.

No matter how big the kitchen table gets, it will always be full of clutter.

But why?

Perhaps because as human beings we are hard wired to take advantage of a situation.

We would like to think we are not opportunists but we are.

All of us.

We can try to rise above this base element of our flawed humanity but the fact remains, it is what keeps us alive.

You always fill up the spaces because you will always take what you can get.

You’ll put it away another time because right now you need to do something else. Anything else.

You take more than your fair share because you don’t know when ‘it’ will run out.

Take it, it might not be there tomorrow.


One Response

  1. Congrats on your new blog! I wish you the best, and I plan to visit regularly. I love this first post, and I think you’re voice is truly free here to play, experiment, philosophize, discuss . . . that’s what we need as writers, a place to be ourselves and explore.

    About your post, I think this tendency of ours to use the space we have, and not preserve or think ahead is closely related to our current economic times. Other generations may have “saved” but we spend what we have. It’s because, I believe, there is no security anymore. Who knows if what we save won’t be there tomorrow? What if that space on the counter isn’t gauranteed to be there? Well, then, we use it and fast.

    Great job!


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